Droplet Lab’s innovative smartphone-based tensiometers bring convenience as well as precision to the measurement of surface properties.


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How It Works

The Dropometer is available in a fully motorized automatic version or a manual version. Watch the demo video to see how it works in more detail.

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An easy-to-use, portable, Smartphone-based tensiometer that can measure: surface tension, contact angle, sliding angle, & surface free energy


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Providing accurate contact angle, surface tension, surface energy, and sliding angle measurements, Droplet Lab offers researchers and educators the technical capabilities normally found in far more expensive and cumbersome scientific equipment.

A system designed by experts in tensiometry and backed by peer-reviewed research, Droplet Lab is the only smartphone based tensiometer suitable for both corporate and academic R&D.


Maximum Precision. Minimum fuss.

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Droplet Lab drastically reduces the initial investment costs associated with tensiometers while maintaining high end features. Further to this, the system utilizes a flexible subscription-based price plan so you only pay when you need measurements.
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The app at the heart of the Dropometer is simple and intuitive to use, bypassing any need for paid user-training courses. With Droplet Lab, you can be up and running in less than twenty minutes.

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The assembly of similar, competing tensiometer systems tends to be a complex process normally performed by the manufacturer. Droplet Lab offers a device that can be quickly and easily assembled without specific training.
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With Droplet Lab’s tensiometer built around smartphone technology, the system doesn’t require the use of additional laptops or desktop computers. An all-in-one device, Droplet Lab is ready when you are.
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The patented technology that the Dropometer is built on was designed by experts in the field of tensiometry and has undergone extensive peer review, ensuring the system operates to the highest standards.

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Traditional tensiometers are heavy, unwieldy instruments, making their transportation a scientific task on its own. With Droplet Lab’s significantly reduced size and weight, its portability makes it the ideal choice for teaching and fieldwork measurements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

For accuracy purpose, we are restricted to using dedicated phones that we have tested as we need access to raw images for best utilization of our image processing algorithm. Note that the price mentioned in the quote includes the price of a Motorola Stylus phone. If you have access to an Motorola Stylus we will simply give you the rest of the setup reducing the price further.

In the manual version, the drops will be generated manually. We include the below syringe from Hamilton in the package. In automatic, you can generate a liquid drop with a set volume and the flow rate.

Additionally, for the sliding angle measurement, the tilting of the stage will be manual. In automatic, you can choose the tilting rate and angle.

Everything else apart from these 2 components including the measurement process is the same.

We have published 2 papers in reputed peer-reviewed journals validating the scientific accuracy of the instrument. You can access the papers at our Scientific Validation page.


Yes. We understand that you might be concerned about the smartphone being a network security risk. To address the same we have made it possible to run the software for measurements with the smartphone’s network capability disabled. In our instrument the smartphone is just an integrated camera/computer part of the system and will be operated entirely standalone. You can then choose to store the results on the phone memory itself or transfer them using a microSD card. (32GB card is provided free as part of package)

If you are using the Young-Laplace method, you need to input the needle diameter to calibrate the needle to pixels. This calibration is not necessary for Polynomial method. (which we recommend)

We also provide a bubble level to level the stage. No other calibration is needed.

We provide Hamilton Syringes for both the versions.

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  • Manual

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