Surface Science Simplified

Droplet Lab’s innovative smartphone-based instrument bring convenience as well as precision to the measurement of surface properties.

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What can you do with our Tensiometers

Do Research in your R&D Lab

Our instruments are perfect for precise and reliable measurements.

Do On-field measurements

Ideal for on-field measurements, our instrument is highly portable.

Teach Students about Surface Science

Hands-on learning with durable, affordable, easy-to-use instruments.

Maximum Precision, Minimum Fuss


Droplet Lab drastically reduces the initial investment costs associated with tensiometers while maintaining high end features.

Dr Alidad Amirfazli

Founder by Dr. Alidad Amirfazli, a leading expert in the field of Surface Engineering and droplet interactions. Dr Amirfazli also served as the Canada Research Chair in Surface Engineering.

Easy to Use and Assemble

The app at the heart of the Dropometer is simple and intuitive to use, bypassing any need for paid user-training courses. You can be up and running in less than twenty minutes.


The patented technology that the Dropometer is built on was designed by experts in the field of tensiometry and has undergone extensive peer review, ensuring the system operates to the highest standards.


Traditional tensiometers are heavy, unwieldy instruments, making their transportation a scientific task on its own. With its compact size, Droplet Lab's instrument is ideal for teaching and fieldwork.


With Droplet Lab’s tensiometer built around smartphone technology, the system doesn’t require the use of additional laptops or desktop computers. An all-in-one device, Droplet Lab is ready when you are.

Surface Science Hub


Gain practical insights into surface science for your industry, including basic principles, industrial applications, applicable standards, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell the app on its own?
For accuracy purpose, we are restricted to using dedicated phones that we have tested as we need access to raw images for best utilization of our image processing algorithm. Note that the price mentioned in the quote includes the price of a Motorola Stylus phone. If you have access to a Motorola Stylus we will simply give you the rest of the setup reducing the price further.
Is it possible to run the software with the smartphone's network capability disabled?
Yes. We understand that you might be concerned about the smartphone being a network security risk. To address the same we have made it possible to run the software for measurements with the smartphone’s network capability disabled. In our instrument the smartphone is just an integrated camera/computer part of the system and will be operated entirely standalone. You can then choose to store the results on the phone memory itself or transfer them using a USB cable.
What kind of calibrations are necessary for the unit?
If you are using the Young-Laplace method, you need to input the needle diameter to calibrate the needle to pixels. This calibration is not necessary for Polynomial method. We also provide a bubble level to level the stage. No other calibration is needed.
What syringes do you provide in the package?
We provide Hamilton Syringes for both the Manual Dropper and the Automatic Dropper.

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