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Temperature & Humidity Control Chamber

Imagine creating an environment where temperature and humidity dance to your tune. Introducing the Temperature & Humidity Control Chamber, designed intricately with a three-fold system: temperature control, anti-condensation, and humidity management

An innovation like no other, this chamber exhibits an internal environment ranging from a brisk 10 °C to a toasty 70 °C. We’ve also got humidity under control with a spectrum from ambient all the way up to a moisture-rich 80%.

And how can we be so confident? Because we've rigorously tested this chamber against established experiments in literature, particularly those circling around surface tension and contact angle.

Fabric Sample Holder

Gone are the days when working with fabric or membrane samples meant using tools like tape to keep these materials in place. Recognizing this challenge, we crafted the Fabric Sample Holder. This innovative solution not only lets you stretch and clamp your sample effortlessly but also measures the stretch as a percentage of the original size, allowing for multidirectional stretching.

Design for Countertops, Concrete Slabs, and Measurements on Large Substrates

With our innovative design, there’s no longer a need to cut out portions of your sample for measurements. You can seamlessly measure even on the most awkward surfaces—like kitchen countertops!

Dynamic Sessile Stage

Manipulating substrates often involves adjusting to their unique contours and characteristics. Our new sessile stage rises to this challenge, equipped with the capability to move both horizontally and vertically. Catering to a variety of surfaces—from the unusually thick to the ultra-thin—this stage is tailored for precision and adaptability, so you always get the perfect measurement.

Desktop Interface + iOS App

When the field meets tech, wonders happen. Enter our groundbreaking Desktop Interface and iOS app combo. Why be bound to a lab when data can be effortlessly collected from the field, right from your iPhone? And if on-the-spot processing isn’t your forte, simply send the data back to your lab and conveniently process it using our desktop system.

Collaboration with

Droplet Lab is set to blend Hamilton’s entire automatic dropper module into our product line. The result? More options and more precision for our discerning clientele.

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