Use Multi Capture for Dynamic Contact Angle Measurement?

  1. As the camera opens, tap the MULTI icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  1. As a result, the Multiple Image Capture popup opens. Here, use the Images to Capture field to define the number of images you want to capture.
  1. Enter the duration for capture(s) using the Duration of Capture(s) field.
  1. Once the required information is filled in, tap the OK button.
  1. Once this is done, tap the Capture button and start creating the droplet.
  1. Once captured, go to one of the images in order to perform the entire calculation process including image calibration. In case you are using the Young Laplace method, tap the Calculate All button from the project screen so that all images captured within the specified duration can be processed.

7. After you have completed calculation on a series of images, the rest of the images can be automatically calculated from the project screen.

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