How to Create a New Project in Droplet Lab?

  1. Upon account creation, select the account you want to use by tapping the account name.
  1. As the account is selected, the app asks you for your account password in order to sign in to the selected account. Enter the password in the Password field and tap the Sign In button.
  1. A successful sign in takes you to the Projects screen. When there are no added projects, a message box is displayed that says create a new project. From this message box, tap the OK button.
  1. From the Projects screen, tap the Add new project button.
  1. As a result, you land on the project creation screen. For the first time, the application asks you for location permissions by displaying a popup as you land on the project creation screen. The location permission is required by the Android system so that it can use Bluetooth for automatic dropper detection. To enable, tap the “While using the app” button.
  1. Then it comes to project creation. Starting off, use the Project Name field to enter the name of the project.
  2. The project creation screen for Contact Angle Measurement looks as follows:
  1. For Surface Free Energy Measurement, this screen looks like below:
  1. For sliding angle measurement, the project creation screen looks like below:
  1. For Surface Tension measurement, the screen is similar to the one displayed for contact angle.
  1. Enter the image calibrator measurement in the Image Calibrator field. This is defined as the outside diameter of the needle.
  1. Similarly, use the Density differential field to record the density differential.
  1. Moving further, record the gravity using the Gravity field.
  1. For Surface Energy measurement, the Neumann method is selected by default. You can use the measurement method dropdown to choose between Neumann, Fowkes, and Oss and Good methods.
  1. Once the required selections are made, tap the Add Project button.

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